Brikley Compact Laminate

  Compact laminate is also known as solid phenolic, is a paper fiber-based solid surface 

material that is warmer to the touch than typical acrylic or polyester materials. 

  Extra layers of phenolic resin-saturated kraft paper in the core gives it its thickness and 

strength, as well as its characteristic black or brown color.

  Some manufacturers offer a wider variety of core colors.

                           Brikley Compact Laminate
Popular size      4'x6'      4'x8'      4'x10'

      5'x6'      5'x10'      5'x12'
Thickness                                     3~25mm

*Can be customized as requiring







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Key Features

100% Waterproof for indoor & outdoor applications

     Any Wilsonart or Formica Color (1000’s)

Extreme Impact resistant doors

Class B Fire Rated

Shipped as fully assembled units

Compact laminate is essentially very thick HPL, up to and exceeding half-an-inch.