pressure of the pressing machines are 2800 tons to 3500 tons, larger tonnage pressing machine can guarantee the flatness and thickness tolerance of finished sheet after pressing.


 After pressing into the finished product, each of Brikley’s compact laminate boards will be carefully and repeatedly inspected, first dust removal will be conducted manually, then the boards will be carefully examined after being lifted by an adsorption machine, and the second-class boards will be removed, so as to ensure that each of Brikley’s compact laminate boards is an excellent product that can withstand customer’s test.


 Only those boards that have passed the examination will be considered as Brikley’s finished products. We also guarantee high standard in storage of finished products. Brikley’s compact laminate boards are placed on a flat fumigation tray, covered with moisture-proof film, wrapped around by wrapped film, and finally secured with steel straps to increase transportation safety in long-distance shipping, so as to ensure that our customer will receive the perfect compact laminate boards.